New tools for tomorrows real estate market…..QR Codes, It’s all in the box.

QR Codes for Real Estate

Learning to communicate today for tomorrows consumer

No…this is not a rorschach test. This perhaps is the single best way to communicate quickly and succinctly with the consumer of tomorrow. In this fast paced, touch and go society consumers may see something of interest and scan it with their cell phone for later review.

Go ahead and try this one. From your cell phone down load a QR reader or scanner from the App section of your cell phone. Once installed scan this box and see what you get.

Imagine the uses. On a bottle of wine you will quickly see the vintner, the type of wine, what year it was produced and the mix if it is a blend.

In a cook book you might be able to capture a recipe that you really like.

A flight or vacation that you have scheduled, with a click from your cell phone…aka personal communicator you now have your full itinerary.

Listing data all in one box

Your Listing Data..all in One Box

From a real estate perspective with in this black and white blocky box you can easily communicate who you are and all of the features of a home you are marketing. You might have one of these on your business card, on flyers and feature sheets or on your yard sign.

Who knows…instead of writing little Johnies name and phone number in the back of his gym shorts so they don’t get lost you may be applying one of these……some day????

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