A Career in Real Estate?

The Three Bridges:

As you proceed down the path of considering a real estate career you will encounter three bridges. Each provides you with the opportunity to consider your next step based on the information you have gained so far.

The First Bridge:

“Is The Real Estate
Business Right for Me?”

Research, talk with friends who are in the real estate industry, talk with Brokers of local real estate firms, read real estate business books.

Only one or two out of ten new agents make it their first year in business. There are many reasons why,  though they typically fall into one of a couple of categories:

1) They did not truly understand what they were getting into.

2) They did not realize they were starting their own business so they opened their doors under capitalized.

3) They chose the wrong company to work for.

Each of these challenges can be overcome with research, understanding, soul searching and financial preparation.

The Second Bridge:

“I Know I Want to Go Into Real Estate, Where Do I Take My Pre-Licensing Class?”

You have several options at this point but first you must learn what your particular state requires for a real estate license.

Washington State (as of July 1, 2010) Requires that you have your high school diploma (or equivalent), 60 clock hours of Real Estate Fundamentals and 30 clock hours of Real Estate Practices, then pass the state exam.

Several formats of the fundamentals course are available, class room taught, audio and on-line. I highly recommend the on-line version and a company by the name of Rockwell Institute does a great job. When you complete the course, (takes most students 4-6 wks.) Rockwell will send a certificate to you that allows you to sit for the state exam.

The Third Bridge:

“Now That I Have My Shiny New Real Estate License, Where Am I Going To Work?”

This is perhaps the most difficult of decisions. In most areas, if you have a real estate license, and you were to go out and interview with five real estate companies, you would probably get five job offers. The challenge here is not whether or not you can get a job with a firm…..rather do YOU want to work with these firms that are so anxious to offer you a job on your first meeting? Be sure you enter this phase prepared with questions.

If you would like me to e-mail a list of top questions to ask during your interview, or if you would like more information about a career in real estate please fill out the form below.

Sign up for Pre-Licensing class through Rockwell…….(at a discounted rate) 

Link to Department of Licensing website


List of Recommended Books

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