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The Struggle of Selling Brokers in Todays Real Estate Market

Selling brokers in today’s market are working 5 times harder than listing brokers. Each buyer they are working with has fewer homes to choose from and if they do find a home that they would like to make an offer on chances are they will be competing with other home buyers. So, unfortunately, more often

Blogs and blogging, not the little white pill of success

Blogs and blogging, not the little white pill of success So, this might be a bit of a back lash on my part after being inundated over the past 24 months with classes being offered to real estate professionals that tout success through blogging and other social media magic. If your 2012 business plan has

Website, Blog, FaceBook and LinkedIn….how do they all fit in?

The other day we had one of our instructors, Justin Waskow in to talk with us about some of the tech tools that are already available to our agents. So often we get caught up in the new that we don’t take a moment to look at what is already available. Especially in this tight

Seeds of a New Blog…..part 1

I’m making this post so that my new blog does not look so vacant. It will also give me something to work with as I learn the new software. I’ve come a long way in the last few weeks, that actually started more than two years ago. When I started my first website and blog,