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Is There a New Real Estate Tax Buried in the New Health Care Law?

Below is a repost from Ask the Taxgirl. This discussion keeps rearing its ugly head and she does a good job of addressing it. Ask the taxgirl: “Real Estate Tax” In Health Care Law? February 19, 2011 · 8 comments Taxpayer asks: Please tell me this isn’t so…..Under the new health care bill, all real

New tools for tomorrows real estate market…..QR Codes, It’s all in the box.

No…this is not a rorschach test. This perhaps is the single best way to communicate quickly and succinctly with the consumer of tomorrow. In this fast paced, touch and go society consumers may see something of interest and scan it with their cell phone for later review. Go ahead and try this one. From your

The Appraisal

Last week at our office business meeting I shared with our brokers some ideas to help them interact more effectivly with appraisers. Appraisers are increasingly being tasked with more duties by governement regulators. The more we can do as an idustry to help them with their job the smoother our transactions will flow. Below is the

Real Estate Statistics in Kitsap County

Some statistics to pay attention to as of September, 2010 for all of Kitsap County WA: Months of inventory(Sold): 10.4 months Absorption rate (Sold): 9.6% Months of inventory (Pending): 7.7 months Absorption rate (Pending): 12.9% Months of Inventory means……The number of months that it will take for the listings currently on the market to sell

Technology Video, National Association of Realtors & John L. Scott Real Estate

Technology…..a tool to enhance the communications between a real estate broker and their customer to provide for a smooth business transaction culminating in the sale or purchase of a home. The best way to ensure this objective is to provide clear and consistent communications throughout the transaction. This video shows a few of the tools

When it comes to your real estate business….Cut the Fat, Not the Muscle

The first rule of business… to stay in business. As real estate agents, offices and companies struggle to figure out this market it is important to stay focused on what is working and what is not. “Working” means money spent that earns a return in the form of phone calls, appointments, revenue units, or direct

Agents into Brokers… the waive of DOL’s magic wand.

For those of us who were involved in these changes a few years ago….this comes as a bit of a surprise. It appears that the revisions to WA States real estate license law has now been brought before our state legislators and is now ready for the Governors signature. Though this was a hot topic