Agents into Brokers… the waive of DOL’s magic wand.

For those of us who were involved in these changes a few years ago….this comes as a bit of a surprise. It appears that the revisions to WA States real estate license law has now been brought before our state legislators and is now ready for the Governors signature.

Though this was a hot topic 2 or 3 years ago many of us thought this had been stalled and set aside. It is time to start letting our agents know that this is now our future. Like many changes of this nature there will be some who are happy about the change and some….not so much. This has been a long time coming. Our industry has changed a lot since RCW 18.85 was last addressed.

Below are “Just the facts Mam” I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion about how this will affect our industry, our agents and the consumer.

Three levels of Broker:

Designated Broker
Managing Broker

New Licensees for Broker:
90 clock hours to sit for the Brokers exam
First renewal additional 90 clock hours

Managing Broker:
3 years as a Broker
90 clock hours of instruction (specialized classes)
Pass an examination

Designated Broker:
Licensed as a Managing Broker
Registered by DOL as a Designated Broker
Designated Broker may act as such for more than one firm

30 hours for each 2 year renewal
15 hours may be carried over from previous 2 years

Non licensed people may provide referrals to licensees provided their compensation is not contingent upon receipt of compensation of the licensee.

Licensees (all three flavors) must be fingerprinted and have a background check conducted. The Director may institute a schedule by which this information is renewed on a regular basis.

If a Broker is in a position to supervise or exercise control over other Brokers they must be licensed as a Managing Broker.

During the first two years a new Broker must have a “heightened level of supervision” provided by a Managing Broker.

Licensees must now provide a copy of singed documents to their principles “within a reasonable time after signing”. (instead of at the signing of those documents)

A salesperson will now be considered a Broker and must take a transitional course prior to their first renewal after this goes into effect.

Target date June 2010

Link to WA DOL pdf

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