Focusing on Multi Facetted Marketing Events will help to jump start or slingshot your real estate career into the success zone.

Focusing on Multi Facetted Marketing Events will help to jump start or slingshot your real estate career into the success zone.

A diamond has its brilliance and sparkle because of the facets that have been cut into it. 

Add brilliance to Your real estate business is like a diamondyour real estate business by adding facets to it. A Multi Facetted Marketing Event (MFME) is taking something that you may already be doing on a daily basis within your business, and adding more dimension or facets to it. A facet is added anytime you take your original activity and spin it off allowing you to make more impressions or talk with more people. 

This is a concept that I developed some years ago while teaching agents how to effectively market themselves and their listing to the public and I feel that it will allow you to do more business with seemingly less effort. 

I realized the power of a MFME the other day when I bought flowers for my wife for our 27th wedding anniversary. I could have just gone down to the store to buy her a bunch of daisies, but, that would have only had 1 real facet, (albeit the most important one….her) more on this later. 

So, lets take a look at how not to do it so that we can discuss the contrasts: 

An agent can, on Thursday, decide at the last minute that they want to hold an open house. They through up some signs, sit aimlessly at the open and then go back to the office and whine about how this open house stuff is not very effective. 

A different, unenlightened agent, can write a blog post and after several days of no comments or e-mails conclude that blogging is a waste of time. 

Instead, whenever you do something in your business think about how you can add facets to the work you’ve already done. 

Lets take the open house as an example:

You are already prepared to be at the open house for 4 hours. But what if we can leverage that 4 hours into something greater with just a little extra work by adding facets. (F = Facet)

            F1- You make sellers happy you are holding an open house
            F2- You send post cards out to all of the neighbors, say to 50
            F3- You door knock the neighborhood a couple days before the event
            F4- You send invitations to your sphere (demonstrating to them you are
            F5- Your open house ad shows up in the paper
            F6- Your well placed open house A boards make impressions
            F7- You place your open house info on your companies website
            F8- You syndicate your open house info to other sites
            F9- You network with other agents in the area holding open houses on the
                     same day to encourage cross traffic and sales.
            F10- You feed all of this back to your sellers reinforcing your
                       efforts to them. 
A little extra work leverages your original 4 hour investment into something much greater. 

So, how did flowers for my wife turn into an MFME? 

I was going to get her flowers any way, but by adding facets I was able to touch more people and make more impressions…so instead of buying the flowers at the local grocery store I bought them from one of my agents who was real estate roses, John L. Scottdoing a fund raiser (hey, timing is everything), here is the break down: 

            F1- My agent looked good for supporting Rotary
            F2- I felt good supporting one of my agents
            F3- Rotary was able to help others through this
                    fund raiser
            F4- My wife loved the roses

So, the original effort I was going to do anyway was now able to help or support more people. 
My next post will have examples of other Multi Faceted Marketing Events that you can engage in. 

Now….with regards to this MFME thing and roses for my wife….let’s just keep that between you and me. We know it was a Multi Faceted Marketing Event…she just thinks it was romantic…..yeah…I’m good with romantic.

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