Ideas for Multi Faceted Marketing Events

Ideas for Multi Faceted Marketing Events 

In my last post we talked about the concept of adding a little extra effort to something we are already doing to create something bigger than the original event. We are leveraging our business and adding “facets” to every thing we do in real estate in an attempt to touch more people and create more impressions. 

Adding additional facets usually has little or no added cost, yet you are leveraging the hard work you have already done by getting the listing, writing the blog post, taking the class or earning the designation. You are turning a single event into a Multi Faceted Marketing Event (MFME). 

As promised here are some more examples: (F=Facet) 

New Listing:
          F1- Sign goes up (lots of new impressions)
          F2- Just listed cards go to neighbors
          F3- Follow up phone call to neighbors
          F4- Place listing on company website
          F5- Syndicate the new listing to popular
                   real estate websites
          F6- Seller sees how pro-active you are 

Open House:
          F1- Invitations to neighbors
          F2- Add in local paper open house section
          F3- Open house placement on your website
          F4- Door knock neighborhood 

Writing a Blog Post:
          F1- New entry on your blog
          F2- E-mail link to your new post to sphere
          F3- Print out new entry for hand outs at open houses
          F4- Print out for use in first meeting packs for buyers
                  and sellers
          F5- Post links back to your blog from your website and
                   places like Active Rain.
          F6- Drive people back to your blog through all of your
                   marketing, you receive increased credibility.         

Taking a class:
          F1- Learning new information
          F2- Change voice mail greeting, lets callers know you
                   are honing your skills at the class
          F3- Press release
          F4- Write a blog post about the class, what you learned
                   and how it will benefit your customers. 

Earning a new designation like GRI, CRS, ABR, SRES etc……
          F1- You’ve learned some great stuff
          F2- Place designations on marketing material
          F3- Write a blog post about it and what the designation means
          F4- Write a press release
          F5- Add this information to your listing and buyer presentations 

Price reduction:
          F1- Helps you to get your listing sold
          F2- Send post cards to 50 neighbors
          F3- Follow up post cards with a phone call 

Please, in your comments share your ideas for turning everyday real estate business into MFMEs. 

You will find that by focusing your business efforts on Multi Faceted Marketing Events you will do more business, with less cost and have greater success and control over your business and personal life. 

Good luck and please share your thoughts.

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