Should I consider a career in real estate right now?

Adding Google Analytics to your website or blog is critical. I just reviewed my results for this blog and currently the number 1 string of key words are:

“should i consider a career in real estate right now?”real-estate-agent

So I thought I’d use this opportunity to, not only pump the importance of having analytics as part of your on-line marketing stratagey but to also answer….or attempt to answer this question.

Actually the answer may have always been the same… depends.

Starting out in real estate is just like starting any other business. You have to do the research, compare your tools and talants to what is called for, put together a plan and last but certainly not least set aside plenty of start up capital. Many, if not most businesses fail because they are under capitalized.

For a quick start to the steps of getting started go here…..

The real estate profession is still full of part time agents, speculative agents and agents who are waiting for the next big market. What this means to you is that if you come in, do the homework and apply yourself there is plenty of room. You must treat it like a business and apply yourself.

As you jump into the deep end you will find many trainers, books, CDs and manuals. In the big picture if you pick most any one off the shelf and apply yourself they will work. A couple of my favorite programs or trainers:

Walt Frey

Brian Buffini:

Joe Stumpf:

Cindy White:

Renee Chatalas:

I like each of these…for different reasons. One of the challenges in getting started is if you ask ten agents their opinion you will get ten different opinions. Some advice for a new agent:

1) Listen to your Broker

2) Listen to your Mentor (if you don’t have one get one)

3) Listen to your trainer

4) Stop looking for the magic pill…everyone wants to find the one piece of advice that will make them rich, the one pill that will make them thin, the one procedure that will make them attractive, the one line that will get them lucky……..well stop it!

5) Don’t solicit advice from the resource room or common area of your office. Often the agents who have the time on their hands and are most likely to offer advice or “take you under their wing” are the ones you do not want to listen to.

So, despite the times, the economy, the bail out, the headlines….there are still buyers and sellers out there. If you have the gumption to get into this business and do it right, it is the perfect time.

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