28 Pro-active AND inexpensive steps you can take “today” to improve your real estate business

Agents often beat around the bush about getting started. This is a down and dirty list of ways you can get yourself into gear with out an expensive or complicated system.

1. Send out unsolicited CMA’s, follow up with a phone call.

2. Hand written notes to your clients.

3. Call 50 houses around your new listing

4. Door knock 50 houses around your new listing

5. More photos for each of your listings

6. Blog (Limit your time spent here)

7. Do your own SEO work on your website (Limit your time spent here)

8. Call expired listings

9. Use drip e-mail marketing

10. Talk with FSBO’s

11. Develop and door knock a geographic farm

12. Develop a social farm

13. Set up past customers with automatic e-mail notifications for any homes that come on the market in their neighborhood.

14. Add content to your website (Limit your time spent here)

15. Meet with past clients and provide an annual CMA

16. Hold an open house on the weekend

17. Hold a “twilight” open house one weekday afternoon

18. Wear your name badge

19. Volunteer in the community and wear your name badge

20. Send out a monthly e-mail newsletter (Don’t write it yourself)

21. Call everyone in your sphere

22. Invite 10 past customers to lunch (one at a time)

23. Mail an anniversary card each year to your past buyers for the day they bought their home.

24. Ask your past customers to write a testimonial for you.

25. Post past customer testimonials to your website

26. Write a press release about your attendance at a class or workshop, or new designation

27. Take 10 minutes and make sure you have an informative signature block for e-mails

28. First of each year mail out a copy of the HUD-1 to each client who bought or sold a home last year.

Anything you can do that will have you talking or interacting with people will help you build the marketing momentum you need to grow your business. If you are with people you will find business……if you’re not you won’t.

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