Seeds of a New Blog…..part 1

I’m making this post so that my new blog does not look so vacant. It will also give me something to work with as I learn the new software.

I’ve come a long way in the last few weeks, that actually started more than two years ago. When I started my first website and blog, Ozzie, the guy who helps me with the web side of life, told me I was asking my website to do too much. was being tasked with too many missions, going in too many directions, trying to be too much to too many people to really be effective.

Last week I met with Ozzie ( to re-set my entire web presence. This new blog is one piece of the overall web that I’m trying to cast. Over the next few days I’ll share my blog building experience. Some of you may have run across I can tell you that building a blog has a bit of a learning curve. Especially in this case because I’m now hosting my blog on an outside server.

In coming posts I’ll roll out my adventure:

Choosing WordPress

Choosing Thesis: Please check it out……
Thesis Demo Page
Check out the Thesis live demo here.

Choosing Dreamhost (Go to, learn about their program and if you go forward be sure to put the word Frankly in the promo code box to get a free domain name + $10 off)

Stay tuned.

PS Please be openminded as you check back to this site. It may look a little strange from time to time as I learn what WordPress and Thesis can do.

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