What does it mean to be a good communicator?

While being a good communicator with clients is something that many claim to be, it is sad how often that poor communications can sour a transaction. Even when you are doing all the actions that you need to be doing to help the transaction move forward, if you leave out your client or other brokers it is as if you are doing nothing.

So….what is a “Good Communicator?”

  1. Returning each call as quickly as the situation dictates but certainly by the end of each business day.
  2. During an initial contact, returning a call with in minutes, not hours.
  3. Acknowledging receipt of a communication.
  4. Understanding that e-mail is the lowest form of communication and that face to face is the highest.
  5. If something changes let others know.
  6. If someone is waiting on something it is ok to call to let them know you have not received anything yet.
  7. When you can’t do something you promised let the other person know as soon as possible.
  8. Manage expectations through good communications.
  9. Look down the road to anticipate challenges and let your client know what you are thinking.
  10. For long term relationships intermix the different types of communication; text, e-mail, typed letter, hand written note, phone call, in person.
  11. Let the form of communication match the message. Don’t try to negotiate a contract via e-mail…..this type of communication is best done face to face.
  12. Keep in mind who your audience is and who they might share it with…..you are the professional, keep your white coat on at all times.
  13. Change your voice mail greeting regularly to set callers expectations.
  14. Use auto responders like your voice mail greeting,…..to set expectations.
  15. If you have an in-depth conversation face to face or on the phone, use e-mail to confirm and document the discussion and agreements made.
  16. When it comes to a real estate contracts “EVERYTHING must be in writing”
  1. Call each person in the transaction every week; escrow officer, lender, other broker then your client.
  2. Meet face to face with your seller every 30 days to update your CMA and the results of marketing to date.
  3. When you are interacting with your client do not throw the other broker under the bus. Since you are the only one who speaks with your client if they have a bad opinion of the other broker it is because of what you have told them.
  4. Remember that in the vacuum of no information the human tendency is to make up bad news….…….So don’t allow a vacuum to form.

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