10 Tips and Practices to Ensure a Smooth Running Computer

One of the key features you should look for when choosing a real estate office is the training and support that you will receive. At our office each year we put on a fun, informative class called Success Club. This year we are focused on the tools of our trade. Here is a quick list of “10 Tips and Practices to Ensure a Smooth Running Computer”

10 Tips and Practices to Ensure a Smooth Running Computer

  1. Start everyday with a fresh machine
  2. Always have antivirus and ensure it is up to date.
  3. Do monthly maintenance
    1.      Ccleaner – PC
    2.   IBoostUp – Mac
  4. Don’t get into gaming or crazy surfing….remember this is your business. Crazy surfing will pick up cookies that will slow your machine down.
  5. Keep your desktop free of clutter
  6. Update your software, security, patches
  7. Keep your hard drive below 80% full
    1. Delete stuff you don’t need
    2. shift pictures to the cloud
  8. Back up to a local hard drive
  9. Back up to the cloud
  10. Password protect your computer


Use Paypal instead of sharing your credit card information with many websites.

CNET is a good source for reviews and downloads of hardware and software

Use password management software



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