What is YOUR Next Step?

Every broker has different goals. Not every broker wants to make a million dollars, not every broker wants to do 1000 transactions. That is why you need a coach, someone to bounce ideas off and build a strategy to accomplish your goals…..because if you don’t set goals for yourself….someone else will do it for you.

Scenarios that might be you:

18 transactions last year and you want to do more

36 transactions last year, don’t want to do any more but want more time to spend with family

24 transactions last year, don’t want to do any more business but would like to make more money

Brand new broker and wants to grow to 36 transactions a year

Broker who was doing well but things have slowed down lately and you would like to get started again

There are many options that Frank and John L. Scott offer to help bring systems, tools, support and sanity to your business.

  1. Transaction Coordination
  2. Listing Coordination
  3. Payroll Coordination
  4. Assistant Training
  5. Team Creation System
  6. Listing Presentations
  7. Buyer Presentation
  8. Cloud CMA
  9. Personalized GPS Search App
  10. Personalized Website
  11. Contact Management Tools
  12. Email Account (with insurance)
  13. Errors and Omissions Insurance
  14. E-mail Campaigns
  15. Luxury Homes Program
  16. Exclusive Homes by John L. Scott
  17. International Referral Program
  18. Seller Listing Launch
  19. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Founding Member
  20. Full Time Support Staff
  21. Personal Business Boost Plan
  22. One on One Coaching
  23. Annual Success Club Training
  24. Become a Mentor
  25. Use a Mentor
  26. Matterport
  27. Individual Property Web Pages
  28. Seller Website View Reports
  29. Digital Transacton Management
  30. Pre-Designed Marketing Materials
  31. Personalized Marketing Materials
  32. Community Involvement Harrison Hospital Pediatric Rehab Center
  33. Lead Generation Systems
  34. Constant Contact E-marketing System
  35. Administrative Support for Each Broker
  36. Build Your Own Property Portfolio
  37. Create a Business You Can Sell
  38. On Staff Attorney, Monthly Legal Lunch Education


It all starts with a conversation. Reach out, I’ll be there to shake your hand, answer your questions and provide ideas, options and direction.

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