Taking your business to the next level

Taking your business to the next level

Assessing where your business is now

Assessing where you see your business in the future

What steps do you need to get there

Coaching and support to implement


Questions like:

Are you happy with the income you are currently generating?

Are you happy with the number of transactions you are closing?

Do you have balance in your life…..how would your loved ones answer this?

Are you having fun?

When was your last vacation?

What systems are you currently using?

What tools are you not using that would help you with your business?

Is it time to start using a listing or transaction coordinator?

Is your business mobile?

Is your business systemized?

Have you considered hiring an assistant?

Is your next step to build a team?

If your business were for sale would you buy it?

There are a lot of good real estate companies, and there are a lot of good real estate brokers…..not every broker matches with every company. You can be a broker with all the right stuff but just be in the wrong environment. Often when brokers from other companies call me we wind up deciding it is best if they stay right where they are. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence however if there are tangible reasons to move the quicker you do it the better it is for you and your business. This all starts with a heart to heart conversation……call me. I’m happy to act as a sounding board.

Also check out this business plan. Take 10 mins to fill it out…when you get there, choose Poulsbo office. You will be able to print out a recipe for success.

Boosting your Business plan….click here