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John L. Scott Careers Page

A great place to start if you would like to learn more about the support, training and tools that John L. Scott provides to our brokers.

Thinking about a Career in Real Estate?

Time for a career change? This is a good place to start with links to a pre-licensing course with Rockwell Institute and a link to WA Department of Licensing.

Allow Me to Be Your Coach

Video to help you develop your career

Read to Learn, Learn to Grow

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Getting to the Next Level

Are you an experienced real estate broker who is looking to take your business to the next level? Looking for a new outlook or new ideas?

Other Real Estate Resources

Quick links for your reference and growth. We often find ourselves in information overload. I’ll try to update these links with relevant information to help keep you abreast of what is happening in our profession and our market.

NWMLS News Release

The latest news release from North West Multiple Listing Service

What is YOUR Next Step?

Different answer for each person. Looking to build a team or just a freedom plateau? You are happy with your number of transactions but want more revenue?

Dynamic Kitsap County Housing Graphs

If you love graphs....this is it! Auto-updating graphs covering Kitsap County as a whole as well as each district.

Experienced Brokers

Are you the right broker in the wrong environment? It never hurst to explore your options.

Your Personal Path to Success

Every successful hike, dive, flight, dinner party or business starts with a solid plan. Take 10 mins and fill this out to receive a step by step recipe for success. (Choose Poulsbo office).

WA Department of Licensing

Thinking of getting a real estate license or earning your managing brokers license...start here

WAV Group Blog

Nation wide industry information....

1000 Watt Consulting

Might not always agree but they make you think.....which is what I think they are great at.

Kitsap Realtors

Supporting local Realtors and promotes private property owner rights.

National Association of Realtors

There are over 1.2 million Realtors in the United States.

We ARE, who we have helped........

  • Thank you so much for all of your help in making this transaction work for my client. I really appreciate you jumping in to help and advocating for my client. I appreciate your insight, your support and all of your mentoring. Thank you,


  • I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of success club! It was a great experience and lots of fun. I’m even more excited to begin my journey in real estate after SC! Your constant encouragement and positivity is much appreciated.


  • Every time we interact with you we feel energized and uplifted. Your support is deeply appreciated. Thank you for working with us.    

    D & T

  • I just wanted to send a quick email, thanking you for the advice! I really appreciate you taking the time to personally make me that video, since you knew I would be in Activator all day. I definitely learned a lot of great information from it and I feel way more confident about covering floor

    Dove H.

  • Frank – You are the most incredible boss! Gary and I feel blessed to work for you. We have our goals set, and we will do it with your support.

    Diane & Gary J.

  • Hello Frank, Thank you for taking the time to help improve my sales by introducing me to ideas that I had not yet thought of. I have already started on the circle prospecting and will let you know how it’s going. Thank you again.

    Lucille F.

  • A selfless leader with integrity as a compass, dedicated to enriching the lives of those around him. A truly great Broker, Coach and Friend.

    Sandy F.

  • Frank doesn’t recognize the concept of a glass half-empty. In fact, half-full doesn’t really work either. He sees it as a full, smaller glass with room to grow!

    Mike B.

  • Since the day I started you have always been the wind beneath my wings! Thank you for always being there, for always putting the bright side to every question, for your support in everything I do.

    Sandie R.

  • Frank, How lucky I am to have met you & better yet work with you. You are truly a team player & I’m glad I’m on your team.

    Shelly N.

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